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extremely old hitsugaya fanart [
Wednesday the 18th of October 2006
at 5:14 pm
this is really REALLY old~ it's my first futile attempt to color in artwork in photoshop. I'm not very proud of it but maybe you'll like it.....maybe.

I plan on coloring in some more things once i get my tablet<3 laptop fingerpads aren't the most convient way to color some things....

HitsugayaCollapse )
If you want an updated version of my skills i recently finished an AGITO picture from the animanga AIRGEAR it can be viewed here <3

I also had some quick sketches of various BLEACH characters.. many include Hitsugaya and Hinamori, but theres also RenjixRukia and Byakuya. Links to those can be found here <33

Thanks for looking! ♥
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AGITO lineart&cgart [
Tuesday the 17th of October 2006
at 7:25 pm
Otay SO;;; I started watching AIR GEAR out of recommendation of a friend~

it turned out to be pure awesomeness a little perverted but awesome. especially agito/akito. which are now my favorites!! <33 So i finished watching Trick 20 where agito shows other emotions except for anger is being emo and it was one o clock in the morning and i don't know WHAT i was thinking so i drew some piece of crap stuff. i must have been delusional because i actually scanned and colored it in.

It's my second time trying this, it didn't come out SO bad but still~ ugh so anyway i thought maybe your eyes deserved to be burned out too so here's my lineart and finished product AND the link to my sucky not-as-awesome-as-your's deviantArt. It needs some serious lovin' <3
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28 Icons [
Wednesday the 2nd of August 2006
at 10:47 am

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Art Stuff [
Wednesday the 21st of June 2006
at 12:30 pm
[ mood | angry ]

I scanned some of my sketches :)

Hitsugaya sleeping
Hinamori Sleeping
(i like HitsuHina ok?)
Fullmetal Alchemist
Elric Brothers
Hagi sketch(this is my favorite)

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Nothing for a while [
Wednesday the 10th of May 2006
at 6:27 pm
[ mood | confused ]

I won't be making any new sort of goodies for a while, that is until i get my computer fixed or get a new one.

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Tuesday the 11th of April 2006
at 10:21 pm
[ mood | bored ]

[6] Fullmetal Alchemist
[13] Bleach
[3] Blood+
[2] AIR
[1] Di Gi Charat
[1] Naruto

credit :anatroccolo or patito_ either or is fine
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Credits [
Sunday the 2nd of April 2006
at 9:22 pm
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1st Entry [
Sunday the 2nd of April 2006
at 3:54 pm
Welcome to the graphic journal of patito_
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